hello, 2014!

Here we are again.  January.  A new year.  I told Terry on New Year’s Day that it is funny how a new year seems fresh and full of possibilities, when in reality, it is just another day on the calendar.  It’s like we all need this big permission slip to hit the reset button and have a … Continue reading

what i would have told myself

What is the deal with anniversaries?  We are wired in such a time-oriented way it almost drives me crazy at this point.  In our situation–fortunately or unfortunately–it feels like anniversary season.  If I could will the whole thing away I would, but it doesn’t work like that.  There are enough days that are hard just out of … Continue reading

a time for everything

I was reading through the Like Olive Shoots posts awhile back.  I actually was looking at two posts…the post where we let everyone know that Reece passed away and the one preceding it.  There were about 36 hours between posts and a lot happened in those 36 hours.  And I recognized–not for the first time–but … Continue reading