About the Blog

Human beings are relational and curious.  We want to know about other people and we when we ask, we automatically begin processing how we relate to others through sensing and perceiving another person’s like-mindedness, similar experiences, or shared circumstances.  However, we can only share a certain amount of similarities with another person before we have to bridge the gap of our differences through compassion and empathy.

My writing here is purely about what I have experienced and continue to experience in the strange twists and turns life has taken me through.  Additionally, and even more importantly, I am a believer in God and Jesus Christ.  I am nothing without the Lord and I am not going to hide it.  These are the things I passionately write about.

I have found it to be a therapeutic, helpful, and healthy way to cope with the difficult things my family and I have experienced over these last few years.  I have also found much comfort, connection, and encouragement in reading things from others who have gone through similar life difficulties.  I hope that others might find my writing helpful, in some capacity, as it relates to their own lives.

I am not perfect.  I am not a life coach, pastor, supermom, or expert on anything.  I’m a regular woman walking through life.  I have no desire to give advice to people through my writing.  My goals for the blog are twofold: I hope to find healing by continuing to write and I hope to encourage others by the content of my posts.  I write because it is what I feel led to do.  Please respect that this blog is not about starting arguments about various topics or for opening my life up to public opinion.  It’s also not about telling others what they should do with their lives.  This is an extension of my home, and I respectfully ask that you treat it as such.  I hope that when you read my writing, you feel like you are sitting across from me and talking with me face to face.  That’s how I feel when I am blogging.  I feel like I know people who read this blog, even if I have never met them.  And you know what, I do pray over the readers of this blog.  So, consider yourself covered in prayer, whether you are comfortable with it or not.




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